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The Advent Wreath…

December 7, 2017

Growing up I loved advent.  It ushered in a bit of change from the usual liturgical service.  There was greenery, ribbons and candles! Peaceful readings, Christmas carols and those pink and purple candles.   Oh how I longed to be chosen to the light the pink candle.  The pink candle of JOY!  My very favorite.

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Belong with Meaning…

January 23, 2017


Belonging, it’s a curious concept and elusive for so many.  You might belong to a fitness club or gym. A sorority, a civic organization, a cause, a team, a church, or a small group. In fact you probably belong to several things, but true belonging is so much more than being associated with an entity, a cause or even a church. Continue Reading…



March 1, 2016

Empty tomb with three crosses on a hill side.

I saw a movie last week, Risen.  Have you seen it yet?  It is an interesting narrative on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ from a Roman military tribune, Clavius’ point of view. Set in 33 AD, Clavius is tasked to find the missing body of an executed Jew rumored to have risen form the dead. (IMDb) This entire story is told from one man’s point of view.

I always find it interesting when a fictional character is introduced into a real life story.

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The Right Place…

December 3, 2015


right time, right place - opportunity concept - isolated phrase



Have you ever known, really known you are in the right place?  The perfect place for you.  It might be a new job, a season, a city…there is peace when you know you are in the right place.

I love my company.  I’ve been with Dayspring for over 9 years and I love it.  Oh I just said that, well I do love it so much!   In those years I have been assigned to several positions and have learned ever so much.  I love that we worship each Monday morning, I love that I have a prayer group that meets every Friday morning.  I love that prayer, the word and the acknowledgement of the power of the Holy Spirit infuse each product we create and distribute. Continue Reading…


Your Brand is…

November 21, 2015


scout hobo

I love my purse.  I know it sounds sort of superficial, but it is true I do love it.  It comes with a story, which most everything I do, purchase or experience does.

About this time last year, my hubby John and I were on one of our quarterly mini-moons, and as usual I was on the hunt for the perfect bag.  John was sitting in chair after chair as I tried on purse after purse.  He doesn’t understand trying on something you carry, but you know what I am talking about.  A purse has to match my curves.  That night we went back to our KC apartment with no new purse.

And the next day the quest began again, until John uttered those green light words, “let’s just go to the coach store and get a purse and stop all this trying on, purchasing one dissatisfying bag after another, and this incessant hunting!” Those weren’t his exact words, but that is what he meant.

What a wonderful idea!  This was not my strategy. I was not trying to wiggle him into this declaration.  But I was in complete agreement. And so we went.

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